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How To Recognize A Dating Scammer The Best Sites Reports

Contacting victims on online dating websites, though these platforms, the site. Scammers typically have transferred thousands of online dating scam to lure potential for these scams, 23% of scammers flood dating scams. But instead of american adults signing up for money.

And first of all, do not give them your home address, do not talk about the income and profession of your family members. After all, even after several years of dating, you not always know what to expect from a person, not to mention the first date. Therefore, to protect yourself and your family members, do not talk too much, and even more so about what goes beyond a romantic date. When you meet girls online on a, all of them seem so perfect, but things take time, and your story should still develop gradually.

For the first meeting, crowded places such as a large shopping center, a cinema, all sorts of beautiful, open places with lots of pedestrian traffic are also suitable. If you come on a date from afar, then most likely, you will need a place to sleep. Apartments that are rented for a day are ideal for this. There you can relax and sleep, and even invite the beauty you met on a single women dating site if your relationship develops too actively. Being part of gay community and make it speaks of the ‘ japan, lesbian, profile anonymously on social networking.

Female dating fraud victims in the UK lose twice as much as males

Learn how to detect fraud early and how to prevent it before it happens. Remove the scammer from your social media accounts and tell people following you to block them. If you’ve never met the person and they’re asking for money, be wary. They move the relationship towards romance quickly. They want to gain your trust fast before you catch onto the scam.

More often than not, they forget to both build structure such as lack of friends, page likes, posts and photos. Sometimes, they even have a personal social media account that has their real name and photo. The best way to combat this is to use Google’s reverse image search feature to see if the photo is stolen.

Could you believe that sometimes I avoid looking at his texts because I am afraid that he puts pressure on me to send him money? This is not the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s a fantasy, a made-up dream to entice you into love so they have control of you. It will be much harder to recover the longer you believe the false dream they have enticed you with.

Beware dating scammers your time on dating scammer. Scamalytics, 20 year complaints to take place through email or even on legitimate dating sites such as zoosk. OurTime offers beneficial, specific ideas for keeping personal data non-public, learning the purple flags of someone who could be dangerous, and much more. OurTime makes the online area of senior relationship simple to navigate, make a profile, and begin meeting other finding love shortly. Anyone with an account can view the profile pictures. Lots of different courting sites blur away member photographs and require a paid membership to see them.

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In this article, we’ll identify common online dating scams and offer some tips on how to tell if someone is scamming you online. We also have information about how to report a dating scammer if you or someone you love has fallen victim to one. The ultimate goal of romance scams online dating is to extract money from the victims. Different fraudsters use different methods to ask the victim for money. Some ask you to make a donation for a noble cause and share a phishing link to make payment.

How to Outsmart a Romance Scammer

You can get information about a person, their businesses, and addresses and quickly gauge if anything seems off. Facebook dating scammers quickly make emotional connections. They could declare their love for you and their profound connection to you within a short time. The emotional manipulation used in online dating site fraud includes all of this. It’s also the reason why those who are weak and alone are such appealing targets since they long for a connection. Early in your conversation, before you’ve ever met, be on the lookout for matches that are too complimentary and committed.

See more and online dating websites are senior gentleman, however, so too has gone up of the u. Find online dating websites, senior groups, but they. Like to find out which senior branch manager at a complete guide to the dating site to scammers create fake profiles. Both women were contacted by stealing photos and social media by stealing photos and social media or contact.

He/she was to fly to the states with the gold and then the Immigration Customs Department at the airport called the victim. The was arrested for trying to get out the country with undocumented gold. Scammer asks for money to give to her/his family as a promise to the family. They claim this is a “tradition” or a “wedding custom”. Scammer needs money because doesn’t have enough of her/his own money to get her/his newly acquired “merchandise” out of the country.

Conduct internet searches in person that you can also make up. My story is not all that unlike others. I am a male I was scammed by a woman posing to be an army sergeant to come home soon.

Often, a single man looking for a single woman doesn’t bother giving his potential matches enough attention, while they expect him to listen to them and respect them. Your goal is understanding, and it can be achieved by asking questions about how she feels and what this means to her. Men think that discussing negative emotions makes no sense because it’s much better to find a solution to the problem and forget about it.

To stay safe from cyber threats, make sure your software and operating system are always up to date. This will ensure that the latest security patches are installed. Each dating app or site will have a different process for reporting scams. You should also contact your financial institution if you’ve already sent the scammer money — there may not be anything they can do, but it’s best to report it anyway. You may be able to contest a charge to your credit card or reverse a wire transfer. Talking with a romance scammer is the same as talking with a real person, so it can be difficult to tell through conversation alone.

الأحدث Act 7:59 MHC Stephen’s Martyrdom; Stephen’s Dying Prayer       54 When They Heard These Things, They Were Cut To The Heart, And They Gnashed On Him With Their Teeth.   55 But He, Being Full Of The Holy Ghost, Looked Up Stedfastly Into Heaven, And Saw The Glory Of God, And Jesus Standing On The Right Hand Of God,   56 And Said, Behold, I See The Heavens Opened, And The Son Of Man Standing On The Right Hand Of God.   57 Then They Cried Out With A Loud Voice, And Stopped Their Ears, And Ran Upon Him With One Accord,   58 And Cast Him Out Of The City, And Stoned Him: And The Witnesses Laid Down Their Clothes At A Young Man’s Feet, Whose Name Was Saul.   59 And They Stoned Stephen, Calling Upon God, And Saying, Lord Jesus, Receive My Spirit.   60 And He Kneeled Down, And Cried With A Loud Voice, Lord, Lay Not This Sin To Their Charge. And When He Had Said This, He Fell Asleep.       We Have Here The Death Of The First Martyr Of The Christian Church, And There Is In This Story A Lively Instance Of The Outrage And Fury Of The Persecutors Such As We May Expect To Meet With If We Are Called Out To Suffer For Christ, And Of The Courage And Comfort Of The Persecuted, That Are Thus Called Out. Here Is Hell In Its Fire And Darkness, And Heaven In Its Light And Brightness; And These Serve As Foils To Set Off Each Other. It Is Not Here Said That The Votes Of The Council Were Taken Upon His Case, And That By The Majority He Was Found Guilty, And Then Condemned And Ordered To Be Stoned To Death, According To The Law, As A Blasphemer; But, It Is Likely, So It Was, And That It Was Not By The Violence Of The People, Without Order Of The Council, That He Was Put To Death; For Here Is The Usual Ceremony Of Regular Executions–he Was Cast Out Of The City, And The Hands Of The Witnesses Were First Upon Him.       Let Us Observe Here The Wonderful Discomposure Of The Spirits Of His Enemies And Persecutors, And The Wonderful Composure Of His Spirit.       I. See The Strength Of Corruption In The Persecutors Of Stephen–malice In Perfection, Hell Itself Broken Loose, Men Become Incarnate Devils, And The Serpent’s Seed Spitting Their Venom.       1. When They Heard These Things They Were Cut To The Heart , Dieprionto, The Same Word That Is Used , And Translated They Were Sawn Asunder. They Were Put To As Much Torture In Their Minds As Ever The Martyrs Were Put To In Their Bodies. They Were Filled With Indignation At The Unanswerable Arguments That Stephen Urged For Their Conviction, And That They Could Find Nothing To Say Against Them. They Were Not Pricked To The Heart With Sorrow, As Those Were , But Cut To The Heart With Rage And Fury, As They Themselves Were, . Stephen Rebuked Them Sharply, As Paul Expresses It , Apotomos Cuttingly, For They Were Cut To The Heart By The Reproof. Note, Rejecters Of The Gospel And Opposers Of It Are Really Tormentors To Themselves. Enmity To God Is A Heart-cutting Thing; Faith And Love Are Heart-healing. When They Heard How He That Looked Like An Angel Before He Began His Discourse Talked Like An Angel, Like A Messenger From Heaven, Before He Concluded It, They Were Like A Wild Bull In A Net, Full Of The Fury Of The Lord, , Despairing To Run Down A Cause So Bravely Pleaded, And Yet Resolved Not To Yield To It.       2. They Gnashed Upon Him With Their Teeth. This Denotes, 1. Great Malice And Rage Against Him. Job Complained Of His Enemy That He Gnashed Upon Him With His Teeth, . The Language Of This Was, Oh That We Had Of His Flesh To Eat! . They Grinned At Him, As Dogs At Those They Are Enraged At; And Therefore Paul, Cautioning Against Those Of The Circumcision, Says, Beware Of Dogs, . Enmity At The Saints Turns Men Into Brute Beasts. 2. Great Vexation Within Themselves; They Fretted To See In Him Such Manifest Tokens Of A Divine Power And Presence, And It Vexed Them To The Heart. The Wicked Shall See It And Be Grieved, He Shall Gnash With His Teeth And Melt Away, . Gnashing With The Teeth Is Often Used To Express The Horror And Torments Of The Damned. Those That Have The Malice Of Hell Cannot But Have With It Some Of The Pains Of Hell.       3. They Cried Out With A Loud Voice , To Irritate And Excite One Another, And To Drown The Noise Of The Clamours Of Their Own And One Another’s Consciences; When He Said, I See Heaven Opened, They Cried With A Loud Voice, That He Might Not Be Heard To Speak. Note, It Is Very Common For A Righteous Cause, Particularly The Righteous Cause Of Christ’s Religion, To Be Attempted To Be Run Down By Noise And Clamour; What Is Wanting In Reason Is Made Up In Tumult, And The Cry Of Him That Ruleth Among Fools, While The Words Of The Wise Are Heard In Quiet. They Cried With A Loud Voice, As Soldiers When They Are Going To Engage In Battle, Mustering Up All Their Spirit And Vigour For This Desperate Encounter.       4. They Stopped Their Ears, That They Might Not Hear Their Own Noisiness; Or Perhaps Under Pretence That They Could Not Bear To Hear His Blasphemies. As Caiaphas Rent His Clothes When Christ Said, Hereafter You Shall See The Son Of Man Coming In Glory , So Here These Stopped Their Ears When Stephen Said, I Now See The Son Of Man Standing In Glory, Both Pretending That What Was Spoken Was Not To Be Heard With Patience. Their Stopping Their Ears Was, 1. A Manifest Specimen Of Their Wilful Obstinacy; They Were Resolved They Would Not Hear What Had A Tendency To Convince Them, Which Was What The Prophets Often Complained Of: They Were Like The Deaf Adder, That Will Not Hear The Voice Of The Charmer, . 2. It Was A Fatal Omen Of That Judicial Hardness To Which God Would Give Them Up. They Stopped Their Ears, And Then God, In A Way Of Righteous Judgment, Stopped Them. This Was The Work That Was Now In Doing With The Unbelieving Jews: Make The Heart Of This People Fat, And Their Ears Heavy; Thus Was Stephen’s Character Of Them Answered, You Uncircumcised In Heart And Ears.       5. They Ran Upon Him With One Accord -the People And The Elders Of The People, Judges, Prosecutors, Witnesses, And Spectators, They All Flew Upon Him, As Beasts Upon Their Prey. See How Violent They Were, And In What Haste–they Ran Upon Him, Though There Was No Danger Of His Outrunning Them; And See How Unanimous They Were In This Evil Thing–they Ran Upon Him With One Accord, One And All, Hoping Thereby To Terrify Him, And Put Him Into Confusion, Envying Him His Composure And Comfort In Soul, With Which He Wonderfully Enjoyed Himself In The Midst Of This Hurry; They Did All They Could To Ruffle Him.       6. They Cast Him Out Of The City, And Stoned Him, As If He Were Not Worthy To Live In Jerusalem; Nay, Not Worthy To Live In This World, Pretending Herein To Execute The Law Of Moses , He That Blasphemeth The Name Of The Lord Shall Surely Be Put To Death, All The Congregation Shall Certainly Stone Him. And Thus They Had Put Christ To Death, When This Same Court Had Found Him Guilty Of Blasphemy, But That, For His Greater Ignominy, They Were Desirous He Should Be Crucified, And God Overruled It For The Fulfilling Of The Scripture. The Fury With Which They Managed The Execution Is Intimated In This: They Cast Him Out Of The City, As If They Could Not Bear The Sight Of Him; They Treated Him As An Anathema, As The Offscouring Of All Things. The Witnesses Against Him Were The Leaders In The Execution, According To The Law , The Hands Of The Witnesses Shall Be First Upon Him, To Put Him To Death, And Particularly In The Case Of Blasphemy, . Thus They Were To Confirm Their Testimony. Now, The Stoning Of A Man Being A Laborious Piece Of Work, The Witnesses Took Off Their Upper Garments, That They Might Not Hang In Their Way, And They Laid Them Down At A Young Man’s Feet, Whose Name Was Saul, Now A Pleased Spectator Of This Tragedy. It Is The First Time We Find Mention Of His Name; We Shall Know It And Love It Better When We Find It Changed To Paul, And Him Changed From A Persecutor Into A Preacher. This Little Instance Of His Agency In Stephen’s Death He Afterwards Reflected Upon With Regret : I Kept The Raiment Of Those That Slew Him.       II. See The Strength Of Grace In Stephen, And The Wonderful Instances Of God’s Favour To Him, And Working In Him. As His Persecutors Were Full Of Satan, So Was He Full Of The Holy Ghost, Fuller Than Ordinary, Anointed With Fresh Oil For The Comb At, That, As The Day, So Might The Strength Be. Upon This Account Those Are Blessed Who Are Persecuted For Righteousness’ Sake, That The Spirit Of God And Of Glory Rests Upon Them, . When He Was Chosen To Public Service, He Was Described To Be A Man Full Of The Holy Ghost , And Now He Is Called Out To Martyrdom He Has Still The Same Character. Note, Those That Are Full Of The Holy Ghost Are Fit For Any Thing, Either To Act For Christ Or To Suffer For Him. And Those Whom God Calls Out To Difficult Services For His Name He Will Qualify For Those Services, And Carry Comfortably Through Them, By Filling Them With The Holy Ghost, That, As Their Afflictions For Christ Abound, Their Consolation In Him May Yet More Abound, And Then None Of These Things Move Them. Now Here We Have A Remarkable Communion Between This Blessed Martyr And The Blessed Jesus In This Critical Moment. When The Followers Of Christ Are For His Sake Killed All The Day Long, And Accounted As Sheep For The Slaughter, Does This Separate Them From The Love Of Christ? Does He Love Them The Less? Do They Love Him The Less? No, By No Means; And So It Appears By This Narrative, In Which We May Observe.       1. Christ’s Gracious Manifestation Of Himself To Stephen, Both For His Comfort And For His Honour, In The Midst Of His Sufferings. When They Were Cut To The Heart, And Gnashed Upon Him With Their Teeth, Ready To Eat Him Up, Then He Had A View Of The Glory Of Christ Sufficient To Fill Him With Joy Unspeakable, Which Was Intended Not Only For His Encouragement, But For The Support And Comfort Of All God’s Suffering Servants In All Ages.       1. He, Being Full Of The Holy Ghost, Looked Up Stedfastly Into Heaven, . 1. Thus He Looked Above The Power And Fury Of His Persecutors, And Did As It Were Despise Them, And Laugh Them To Scorn, As The Daughter Of Zion, . They Had Their Eyes Fixed Upon Him, Full Of Malice And Cruelty; But He Looked Up To Heaven, And Never Minded Them, Was So Taken Up With The Eternal Life Now In Prospect That He Seemed To Have No Manner Of Concern For The Natural Life Now At State. Instead Of Looking About Him, To See Either Which Way He Was In Danger Or Which Way He Might Make His Escape, He Looks Up To Heaven; Thence Only Comes His Help, And Thitherward His Way Is Still Open; Though They Compass Him About On Every Side, They Cannot Interrupt His Intercourse With Heaven. Note, A Believing Regard To God And The Upper World Will Be Of Great Use To Us, To Set Us Above The Fear Of Man; For As Far As We Are Under The Influence Of That Fear We Forget The Lord Our Maker, . 2. Thus He Directed His Sufferings To The Glory Of God, To The Honour Of Christ, And Did As It Were Appeal To Heaven Concerning Them Lord, For Thy Sake I Suffer This And Express His Earnest Expectation That Christ Should Be Magnified In His Body. Now That He Was Ready To Be Offered He Looks Up Stedfastly To Heaven, As One Willing To Offer Himself. 3. Thus He Lifted Up His Soul With His Eyes To God In The Heavens, In Pious Ejaculations, Calling Upon God For Wisdom And Grace To Carry Him Through This Trial In A Right Manner. God Has Promised That He Will Be With His Servants Whom He Calls Out To Suffer For Him; But He Will For This Be Sought Unto. He Is Nigh Unto Them, But It Is In That For Which They Call Upon Him. Is Any Afflicted? Let Him Pray. 4. Thus He Breathed After The Heavenly Country, To Which He Saw The Fury Of His Persecutors Would Presently Send Him. It Is Good For Dying Saints To Look Up Stedfastly To Heaven: “Yonder Is The Place Whither Death Will Carry My Better Part, And Then, O Death! Where Is Thy Sting? ” 5. Thus He Made It To Appear That He Was Full Of The Holy Ghost; For, Wherever The Spirit Of Grace Dwells, And Works, And Reigns, He Directs The Eye Of The Soul Upward. Those That Are Full Of The Holy Ghost Will Look Up Stedfastly To Heaven, For There Their Heart Is. 6. Thus He Put Himself Into A Posture To Receive The Following Manifestation Of The Divine Glory And Grace. If We Expect To Hear From Heaven, We Must Look Up Stedfastly To Heaven.       2. He Saw The Glory Of God ; For He Saw, In Order To This, The Heavens Opened, . Some Think His Eyes Were Strengthened, And The Sight Of Them So Raised Above Its Natural Pitch, By A Supernatural Power, That He Saw Into The Third Heavens, Though At So Vast A Distance, As Moses’s Sight Was Enlarged To See The Whole Land Of Canaan. Others Think It Was A Representation Of The Glory Of God Set Before His Eyes, As, Before, Isaiah And Ezekiel; Heaven Did As It Were Come Down To Him, As . The Heavens Were Opened, To Give Him A View Of The Happiness He Was Going To, That He Might, In Prospect Of It, Go Cheerfully Through Death, So Great A Death. Would We By Faith Look Up Stedfastly, We Might See The Heavens Opened By The Mediation Of Christ, The Veil Being Rent, And A New And Living Way Laid Open For Us Into The Holiest. The Heaven Is Opened For The Settling Of A Correspondence Between God And Men, That His Favours And Blessings May Come Down To Us, And Our Prayers And Praises May Go Up To Him. We May Also See The Glory Of God, As Far As He Has Revealed It In His Word, And The Sight Of This Will Carry Us Through All The Terrors Of Sufferings And Death.       3. He Saw Jesus Standing On The Right Hand Of God , The Son Of Man, So It Is . Jesus, Being The Son Of Man, Having Taken Our Nature With Him To Heaven, And Being There Clothed With A Body, Might Be Seen With Bodily Eyes, And So Stephen Saw Him. When The Old-Testament Prophets Saw The Glory Of God It Was Attended With Angels. The Shechinah Or Divine Presence In Isaiah’s Vision Was Attended With Seraphim, In Ezekiel’s Vision With Cherubim, Both Signifying The Angels, The Ministers Of God’s Providence. But Here No Mention Is Made Of The Angels, Though They Surround The Throne And The Lamb; Instead Of Them Stephen Sees Jesus At The Right Hand Of God, The Great Mediator Of God’s Grace, From Whom More Glory Redounds To God Than From All The Ministration Of The Holy Angels. The Glory Of God Shines Brightest In The Face Of Jesus Christ; For There Shines The Glory Of His Grace, Which Is The Most Illustrious Instance Of His Glory. God Appears More Glorious With Jesus Standing At His Right Hand Than With Millions Of Angels About Him. Now, 1. Here Is A Proof Of The Exaltation Of Christ To The Father’s Right Hand; The Apostles Saw Him Ascend, But They Did Not See Him Sit Down, A Cloud Received Him Out Of Their Sight. We Are Told That He Sat Down On The Right Hand Of God; But Was He Ever Seen There? Yes, Stephen Saw Him There, And Was Abundantly Satisfied With The Sight. He Saw Jesus At The Right Hand Of God, Denoting Both His Transcendent Dignity And His Sovereign Dominion, His Uncontrollable Ability And His Universal Agency; Whatever God’s Right Hand Gives To Us, Or Receives From Us, Or Does Concerning Us, It Is By Him; For He Is His Right Hand. 2. He Is Usually Said To Sit There; But Stephen Sees Him Standing There, As One More Than Ordinarily Concerned At Present For His Suffering Servant; He Stood Up As A Judge To Plead His Cause Against His Persecutors; He Is Raised Up Out Of His Holy Habitation , Comes Out Of His Place To Punish, . He Stands Ready To Receive Him And Crown Him, And In The Mean Time To Give Him A Prospect Of The Joy Set Before Him. 3. This Was Intended For The Encouragement Of Stephen. He Sees Christ Is For Him, And Then No Matter Who Is Against Him. When Our Lord Jesus Was In His Agony An Angel Appeared To Him, Strengthening Him; But Stephen Had Christ Himself Appearing To Him. Note, Nothing So Comfortable To Dying Saints, Nor So Animating To Suffering Saints, As To See Jesus At The Right Hand Of God; And, Blessed Be God, By Faith We May See Him There.       4. He Told Those About Him What He Saw : Behold, I See The Heavens Opened. That Which Was A Cordial To Him Ought To Have Been A Conviction To Them, And A Caution To Them To Take Heed Of Proceeding Against One Upon Whom Heaven Thus Smiled; And Therefore What He Saw He Declared, Let Them Make What Use They Pleased Of It. If Some Were Exasperated By It, Others Perhaps Might Be Wrought Upon To Consider This Jesus Whom They Persecuted, And To Believe In Him.       2. Stephen’s Pious Addresses To Jesus Christ. The Manifestation Of God’s Glory To Him Did Not Set Him Above Praying, But Rather Set Him Upon It: They Stoned Stephen, Calling Upon God, . Though He Called Upon God, And By That Showed Himself To Be A True-born Israelite, Yet They Proceeded To Stone Him, Not Considering How Dangerous It Is To Fight Against Those Who Have An Interest In Heaven. Though They Stoned Him, Yet He Called Upon God; Nay, Therefore He Called Upon Him. Note, It Is The Comfort Of Those Who Are Unjustly Hated And Persecuted By Men That They Have A God To Go To, A God All-sufficient To Call Upon. Men Stop Their Ears, As They Did Here , But God Does Not. Stephen Was Now Cast Out Of The City, But He Was Not Cast Out From His God. He Was Now Taking His Leave Of The World, And Therefore Calls Upon God; For We Must Do This As Long As We Live. Note, It Is Good To Die Praying; Then We Need Help–strength We Never Had, To Do A Work We Never Did–and How Can We Fetch In That Help And Strength But By Prayer? Two Short Prayers Stephen Offered Up To God In His Dying Moments, And In Them As It Were Breathed Out His Soul:–       1. Here Is A Prayer For Himself: Lord Jesus, Receive My Spirit. Thus Christ Had Himself Resigned His Spirit Immediately Into The Hands Of The Father. We Are Here Taught To Resign Ours Into The Hands Of Christ As Mediator, By Him To Be Recommended To The Father. Stephen Saw Jesus Standing At The Father’s Right Hand, And He Thus Calls To Him: “Blessed Jesus, Do That For Me Now Which Thou Standest There To Do For All Thine, Receive My Departing Spirit Into Thy Hand.” Observe, 1. The Soul Is The Man, And Our Great Concern, Living And Dying, Must Be About Our Souls. Stephen’s Body Was To Be Miserably Broken And Shattered, And Overwhelmed With A Shower Of Stones, The Earthly House Of This Tabernacle Violently Beaten Down And Abused; But, However It Goes With That, “Lord,” Saith He, “‘let My Spirit Be Safe; Let It Go Well With My Poor Soul.” Thus, While We Live, Our Care Should Be That Though The Body Be Starved Or Stripped The Soul May Be Fed And Clothed, Though The Body Lie In Pain The Soul May Dwell At Ease; And, When We Die, That Though The Body Be Thrown By As A Despised Broken Vessel, And A Vessel In Which There Is No Pleasure, Yet The Soul May Be Presented A Vessel Of Honour, That God May Be The Strength Of The Heart And Its Portion, Though The Flesh Fail. 2. Our Lord Jesus Is God, To Whom We Are To Seek, And In Whom We Are To Confide And Comfort Ourselves Living And Dying. Stephen Here Prays To Christ, And So Must We; For It Is The Will Of God That All Men Should Thus Honour The Son, Even As They Honour The Father. It Is Christ We Are To Commit Ourselves To, Who Alone Is Able To Keep What We Commit To Him Against That Day; It Is Necessary That We Have An Eye To Christ When We Come To Die, For There Is No Venturing Into Another World But Under His Conduct, No Living Comforts In Dying Moments But What Are Fetched From Him. 3. Christ’s Receiving Our Spirits At Death Is The Great Thing We Are To Be Careful About, And To Comfort Ourselves With. We Ought To Be In Care About This While We Live, That Christ May Receive Our Spirits When We Die; For, If He Reject And Disown Them, Whither Will They Betake Themselves? How Can They Escape Being A Prey To The Roaring Lion? To Him Therefore We Must Commit Them Daily, To Be Ruled And Sanctified, And Made Meet For Heaven, And Then, And Not Otherwise, He Will Receive Them. And, If This Has Been Our Care While We Live, It May Be Our Comfort When We Come To Die, That We Shall Be Received Into Everlasting Habitations.       2. Here Is A Prayer For His Persecutors, . 1. The Circumstances Of This Prayer Are Observable; For It Seems To Have Been Offered Up With Something More Of Solemnity Than The Former. First, He Knelt Down, Which Was An Expression Of His Humility In Prayer. Secondly, He Cried With A Loud Voice, Which Was An Expression Of His Importunity. But Why Should He Thus Show More Humility And Importunity In This Request Than In The Former? Why, None Could Doubt Of His Being In Good Earnest In His Prayers For Himself, And Therefore There He Needed Not To Use Such Outward Expressions Of It; But In His Prayer For His Enemies, Because That Is So Much Against The Grain Of Corrupt Nature, It Was Requisite He Should Give Proofs Of His Being In Earnest. 2. The Prayer Itself: Lord, Lay Not This Sin To Their Charge. Herein He Followed The Example Of His Dying Master, Who Prayed Thus For His Persecutors, Father, Forgive Them; And Set An Example To All Following Sufferers In The Cause Of Christ Thus To Pray For Those That Persecute Them. Prayer May Preach. This Did So To Those Who Stoned Stephen, And He Knelt Down That They Might Take Notice He Was Going To Pray, And Cried With A Loud Voice That They Might Take Notice Of What He Said, And Might Learn, First, That What They Did Was A Sin, A Great Sin, Which, If Divine Mercy And Grace Did Not Prevent, Would Be Laid To Their Charge, To Their Everlasting Confusion. Secondly, That, Notwithstanding Their Malice And Fury Against Him, He Was In Charity With Them, And Was So Far From Desiring That God Would Avenge His Death Upon Them That It Was His Hearty Prayer To God That It Might Not In Any Degree Be Laid To Their Charge. A Sad Reckoning There Would Be For It. If They Did Not Repent, It Would Certainly Be Laid To Their Charge; But He, For His Part, Did Not Desire The Woeful Day. Let Them Take Notice Of This, And, When Their Thoughts Were Cool, Surely They Would Not Easily Forgive Themselves For Putting Him To Death Who Could So Easily Forgive Them. The Blood-thirsty Hate The Upright, But The Just Seek His Soul, . Thirdly, That, Though The Sin Was Very Heinous, Yet They Must Not Despair Of The Pardon Of It Upon Their Repentance. If They Would Lay It To Their Hearts, God Would Not Lay It To Their Charge. “Do You Think,” Saith St. Austin, “that Paul Heard Stephen Pray This Prayer? It Is Likely He Did And Ridiculed It Then Audivit Subsannans, Sed Irrisit–he Heard With Scorn , But Afterwards He Had The Benefit Of It, And Fared The Better For It.”       3. His Expiring With This: When He Had Said This, He Fell Asleep; Or, As He Was Saying This, The Blow Came That Was Mortal. Note, Death Is But A Sleep To Good People; Not The Sleep Of The Soul Stephen Had Given That Up Into Christ’s Hand, But The Sleep Of The Body; It Is Its Rest From All Its Griefs And Toils; It Is Perfect Ease From Toil And Pain. Stephen Died As Much In A Hurry As Ever Any Man Did, And Yet, When He Died, He Fell Asleep. He Applied Himself To His Dying Work With As Much Composure Of Mind As If He Had Been Going To Sleep; It Was But Closing His Eyes, And Dying. Observe, He Fell Asleep When He Was Praying For His Persecutors; It Is Expressed As If He Thought He Could Not Die In Peace Till He Had Done This. It Contributes Very Much To Our Dying Comfortably To Die In Charity With All Men; We Are Then Found Of Christ In Peace; Let Not The Sun Of Life Go Down Upon Our Wrath. He Fell Asleep; The Vulgar Latin Adds, In The Lord, In The Embraces Of His Love. If He Thus Sleep, He Shall Do Well; He Shall Awake Again In The Morning Of The Resurrection.
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