5 Reasons You Love Piper McLean

She also appeared as Lisa in one episode of Days of our Lives in 2016. Like many soaps, Days of Our Lives is known for its often disastrous weddings that reveal some insane secret one part of the to-be-married couple is hiding. Most recently it was Li and Gabi’s wedding, during which the drug Gabi was given by Dr. Rolf to forget she knew that Li had her former back-from-the-dead husband Stefan brainwashed to forget he loved her wore off.

Piper claimed she did not like to play the “famous dad card,” and felt bad and regretted what she did after using it against Drew. However, on the quest, Jason and Leo developed a slight rivalry. Leo was jealous of Jason and Piper, and hated that they left him out of things when they were talking. He was jealous that they got to meet Boreas and not him, while he had to deal with Calais and Zethes. Their rivalry finally came to a head when they were charmspeaked to fight each other by Medea, telling them that they resented each other. Leo revealed that he thought Jason was always the star, who took everything for granted, and Jason said that Leo was annoying, who cannot take anything seriously or even fix a dragon.

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Jason squeezed his shoulder and asked him what happened, but Leo refused to elaborate. Jason knew that something happened between him and Calypso, but knew he didn’t want to talk about it and changed the subject. The two liked to speak in private a lot, which made Leo Valdez jealous and like a third wheel. They saved Chemistry.com each other’s lives a lot on the quest, with Piper saving him from Medea and Khione, and Jason saving her from Midas and Lityerses, and from hypothermia. Jason ended up apologizing to Piper for the fake memories and messing with her head, and Piper reassured him that no one asked for this and it wasn’t his fault.

During the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Frank Zhang avenges Jason by killing Caligula by burning his stick. As Frank kills the emperor and avenges his friend’s death, he states that it’s for Jason Grace. Apollo notes that the last word Caligula ever heard was Jason’s name. Later, when Meg and Apollo met up with Piper in Santa Monica, Jason’s coffin is being loaded into Tristan McLean’s plane for Meg and Apollo to take to Camp Jupiter for Jason to be buried there. Leo Valdez drops in of Festus, and is told the bad news about Jason, Leo is extremely upset that he didn’t get to see Jason after he died fighting Gaea. As he and Meg are flying to Camp Jupiter, Apollo swears vengeance on the Triumvirate for Jason Grace.

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In The Mark of Athena, Piper wasn’t angry at Leo when he fired on Camp Jupiter, and agreed that it couldn’t have been him, and could recognize the cold feeling he felt. Leo thanked Piper for not hating him after firing on the Romans, and Piper said it was okay, and he wasn’t in control of himself. Leo said she didn’t have to stand up for him, and Piper said of course she would, he was the annoying little brother she never had, showing how much she cared for him.

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Leo and Piper marry in the third season of the show, and their son Wyatt is born in the fifth. Despite the fact that the show does not entirely depict Piper’s life, the relationships and events depicted are accurate. Despite Alex breaking up with Piper as a result of the move, she decides to relocate and start a new life in Ohio to be closer to him. They look like they’re having a good time during the final photo of the couple at their prison visitation. Mr. Healy has a deep love affair with Piper Chapman from the moment they met.

In fact, it was revealed in Charmed Season 2, Episode 14, “Pardon My Past,” that Leo and Piper dated in a past life, making their marriage a fulfillment of many reincarnations’ desires. Their first attempt at a wedding was blocked by the Elders and the second by Prue’s astral self, but they finally got married in Charmed Season 3, Episode 15, “Just Harried.” While Leo fell for Piper just as quickly, they only had until Charmed Season 1, Episode 10, “Wicca Envy” to bond before Leo had to leave.

Season 8

She took him under her wing, training him, protecting him and nurturing him, but he couldn’t show weakness around her or else he would be torn to shreds – there cannot be weakness in the Wolf pack. She trained him and taught him things such as that he cannot fight force with force, something that helped him years later when fighting Enceladus. One day, when Jason was two, Beryl took Thalia and Jason on a family vacation. She drove them up to Wine Country, insisting she wanted to show them a park. When they made it there, she showed Jason to a big building in the park and told Thalia to get a picnic basket.

Jason was amazed that Reyna would journey across the Atlantic Ocean alone, and didn’t know if it was terrifying or awe-inspiring, and knew if anyone could make it across the Ocean, she could. Jason told his crewmates about Reyna and left a note for her in Split of their route to Epirus. When Reyna and Jason reunited, Jason bragged to Reyna about how great Frank Zhang was. In The Mark of Athena, Piper and Jason deeply loved each other, and Jason wanted to show her around New Rome, to Reyna’s chagrin. Jason defended Piper from the Romans when they were getting pelted with stones and plates. Eventually, Jason got hit with a brick as he was protecting her.

Frank and Jason cooperated well and they both flew in the sky and flew to Fort Sumter, helping defeat the Romans. Jason remembered Hazel as one of his friends at Camp Jupiter in The Lost Hero. Jason seemed to be very nice to Hazel, and welcomed her to Camp, even though she was a daughter of Pluto. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel missed Jason, despite only knowing him for a few weeks, and knew that he wasn’t dead. When Percy mentioned she arrived just after Jason disappeared, Hazel looked down, as if Percy had hit a sore spot.