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Benson volunteers by herself, and you will Lewis began to fondle and caress this lady, but Benson refused to submit to their intimate desires

Benson volunteers by herself, and you will Lewis began to fondle and caress this lady, but Benson refused to submit to their intimate desires

Beast’s Obsession

It actually was later on revealed that the main cause of Lewis’ seizure is spiked pastries made available to him because of the jury forewoman inside the brand spanking new demo, an actress named Bronwyn Freed. She had frequented Lewis’ jail, assuming him to own been wrongly convicted. Just before one of many visits, she waiting the fresh new pastries, hence contained her own anti-stress prescription drugs, and you may offered these to Lewis. Adopting the his hospitalization, medical professionals pronounced your lifeless when tries to resuscitate your unsuccessful. Following, he spontaneously “auto-resuscitated” and you may, amidst the brand new Monday early morning mayhem, attacked the authorities officer guarding your and you can Religiöse Dating-Sites a nurse paying attention him, all while undetected. The guy slain new manager from the snapping their neck and after took his firearm, and you may raped and you will mutilated the new nurse, however, she live. Lewis upcoming turned into the fresh nurse’s dresses, used it so you’re able to merge, and you will escaped a healthcare facility from the nurse’s vehicle. Shortly after the guy escaped, he called Benson, now good Sergeant, making use of the nurse’s smartphone and you will shared with her “We skipped your, sunshine” before clinging up.

After, Lewis invaded the Cole household, attempt and you may murdered Cole, raped the fresh earliest girl Lauren and you may remaining this lady likely and you will choked their in the a pantry, and you can abducted the fresh youngest delia. Upon getting receive, Lauren shows with the investigators you to definitely Lewis got trusted this lady which have a message designed solely to possess Benson, which she necessary to speak to Benson by yourself. When which had been granted, she brings the message: “Be honest, or perhaps the lady becomes deceased”. Whenever Lieutenant Declan Murphy asks the girl just what one suggested, Benson shows you one she had perjured by herself while in the his demo. At the same time, Lewis kills one and you can takes his automobile, after that robs a gasoline station and you may sounds the new clerk unconscious. Following, at police headquarters, Lewis phone calls them with the landline, and insists that he communicate with Benson. On the phone, the guy once more needed one she improve confession soon otherwise he’d eliminate Amelia, as well as Martha Marron. Benson believes to help make the confession towards real time Television within the reputation that Amelia and you can Marron will still be live. He believes, then again violently shoves a person the guy passes of as Marron down an airline away from steps and you may sounds him on the distribution, up coming manages to refrain cops again.

Lewis lots a six-chambered revolver, presses the brand new muzzle so you’re able to their lead, and pulls this new bring about, in order to show an empty

Lewis’ most recent stay away from encourages Benson and make good televised confession on their perjury. She declares one she had assaulted Lewis out of fury, instead of need, and you will claimed one their admission ended up being made without coercion and you may by her very own volition. Later on, Benson associations Lewis, states one she could already been cut Amelia. She evades the girl cover teams, requires a good civilian’s auto, and you will brains so you can a beneficial junkyard where Lewis was at. Around, he holds the girl within gunpoint, disarms the woman, removes their mobile, and you may unstraps her cops vest. He then kidnaps the girl and you can transports the woman so you can Amelia’s venue, a deserted and you may decrepit warehouse. As they traveled on uppermost floor where Amelia was, Lewis taunts the lady. He then pushes the girl to determine ranging from permitting herself end up being raped otherwise that have Amelia, who was simply bound by this lady arms, feel raped. Thus, he forces the girl so you can partake in a-game out of Russian Roulette.

He slides this new firearm in order to Benson, pushing her to help you flame the fresh new gun in the the lady lead, on chances he would shoot the woman in the event that she did not take action. Unwillingly, she draws the fresh end in, discussing another blank. Lewis, to get excited, retrieves the fresh gun and you will draws the brand new trigger if you find yourself setting-out it during the his or her own head, capturing a unique blank. Just before Benson requires her change, but not, Lewis hears helicopters and you can understands that the police got receive its area. Undeterred, he taunts the detectives due to a walkie-talkie he’d taken, advising new SVU of the online game. Benson takes the newest revolver again and you will shown another blank. Lewis after that requires the revolver and you will revealed several other blank. To your simply chamber leftover as being the loaded one, Lewis tells Benson, “Games more.” Abruptly, immediately following intimidating and you will emotionally tormenting the lady towards the prospect of their death, he enhances the weapon so you’re able to their lead using his left-hand and you will discharged, destroying himself to try to figure Benson to have their dying.

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